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Our goal, as Spock said, is to help you live long and prosper.

About Us

Organic chickens

Above is a chicken tractor.  It's designed to be moved about with two hundred chickens inside.

We raise organic chickens and vegetables

Our equipment

Mowing and Planting

A big 6120 4 wheel drive John Deere tractor makes planting, bushhogging, and work child's play


12 foot Pasture Mower

12 foot mower

Used to cut large acreage I.e. 50 to 1000 acres



Used to cut grass for hay for cows or to sell

Hay bayler

Hay bayler

Used to process cut grass into large rolls of hay


1000 gallon sprayer

1,000 gallon sprayer is used to transport 1,000 gallons of water to the fields during severe droughts.  Did you know that water and fertilizer (chicken manure) are the most central ingredients to growth.  And, we command an unlimited amount of both naturally.  Therefore, we can grow plants in the desert.

Lowboy Trailer

Custom built extra wide Trailer

Used to transport Tractor, Bayler, Rakes, Disks, Planter,  Cutter, Sprayer, Crawler Loader and other Equipment.

Commercial Cattle Trailer


Used to transport cattle to market

Crawler Loader

Weighs 40,000 pounds

Used to clear large tracts of land and dig ponds

Crawler digging a pond


This is only a sample of one of the things the crawler can do



Freshly dug pond

Refrigerated Trailer

2011 Reefer trailer with very few hours. Photo includes day cab, cattle, and dry van 53' trailers

Used to transport frozen goods

Other Equipment


More images too come

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